Black and White Nails Ideas

Black and white nail paints are popular now days and they make you look fabulous. It is an amazing combination of colors. If you are wearing bright clothes then no doubt you look gorgeous. You can make various designs with paints of these two colors like zebra, polka and dots. Your personality is expressed with style and nail paints.

Black and White Nails Ideas

You can make half black and half white nails, the method is simple. Just put scotch tape on half of the nail and apply paint of white color, then remove the tape and apply white color on the rest of the area. If you want to have change and get rid of this style just try a different style and apply black nail paint on all of the fingers and leave first finger and apply white nail paint on it or vice versa.

These two colors are growing among the beauty & fashion trends. Putting common designs by mixing these two nail paints is also a common practice. You can use any color as a base and then make a combination of light and dark colors. With paint brushes you can make different designs and patterns. If you want a simple design then apply white base and make dots on nail with black paint. If you want dark impression then use marble color instead of black. If you apply different designs on different nails, it also looks interesting. You may design your nail according your clothing style and color variation by choosing light and dark colors. Stickers are also available in the market and it is easy to make designs with them so you buy them and then make designs with nail paints of the two colors.

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